Psycusix is Malaysia's leading modern and contemporary circus performing group,
combining juggling, dance, acrobatics, aerial arts and fire arts to produce world-class entertainment for your events.


Talented and passionate flow and circus artists have come together to push
the artistic and technical limits of movement performance in Malaysia.

Since its birth six years ago, Psycusix has been invited to Singapore, Philippines, Korea, Indonesia, Hongkong, Maldives, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, UAE, US, and the UK, allowing them to dance and learn with many inspiring flow and circus artists. This, in turn, further honed their performance skills never before seen in Malaysia.

Today, Psycusix is Malaysia’s leading modern and contemporary circus performing group. They are an exceptionally flexible, experimental, and unique group that delivers performances of high aesthetic values. When they perform, you’ll see how passion meets flow.


Psycusix offers choreographed fire performances as well as light shows, while focusing on customized routines for every client. New movements and techniques are applied to every show. Such visual finesse requires tremendous dedication, precision and creativity. Psycusix is proud to be the pioneer of this field in Malaysia.

Object manipulation, juggling, and flow arts have been taken to a professional level by Psycusix, but all these forms of physical activity can be learned on a casual level to promote a healthy, stimulating, and productive lifestyle. Psycusix now offers new and inspiring workshops for corporate retreats.


  • Aifique Khaikal of Psycusix featured for Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge Promo.


Rendezvous by Psycusix

“Rendezvous: A Modern Circus Arts Show” was staged at The Square in Publika mall last 12th of November. Audiences were treated to a fusion of dance, theater and circus arts all put together to convey the story of unveiling the beautiful future within a monotonous society. The show featured various acts from juggling, contortion, acrobatics, dance, aerial arts and fire arts.

Publika • Persatuan Seni Sarkas Moden • Viva Vertical Msia • Ninebot Malaysia • KULCATS • Goodfellaskl • MEM Watches • Twinception Productions • LoQomotion Aerial

Dai Zaobab (JAPAN) • Marvin Ong (MALAYSIA / USA) • Legato Visual Performing Arts (PHILIPPINES) • Ehrlich "Firechill" Ocampo (PHILIPPINES) • Viva Vertical Msia (MALAYSIA) • Aifique Khaikal (MALAYSIA) • Psycusix (MALAYSIA) • Azim and Shasya (MALAYSIA) • Elena Khaw (MALAYSIA) • Kapten Buehbossa (MALAYSIA)

Batteryheadz Percussions and Colorguards • Midnight Fusic


Psycusix nurtures serious achievements through hard work, constantly pursuing great accomplishments through great challenges. All of this is shared in performances, festivals, motivation camps, and community gatherings. In doing so, Psycusix cultivates healthy bodies, positive minds, and fulfilling energy in Malaysia and beyond.

The passion of Psycusix is behind its unforgettable flow and its amazing manipulation of light and fire.


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+6 012 237 5973
+6 018 202 7029